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Your Perfect wedding

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Getting Ready

A hairdo created according to the bride´s preferences

After a thorough evaluation (hair condition, veil and accessories, dress type and color, skin tone, physical location of the wedding, etc.), the stylist will be able to propose and create a hairdo consistent with the expectations and taste of each bride.


We adapt to each different style, from the classic and elegant hairdo to the most modern and original one (curly cascade, updo and semi-updo hairstyles, etc.), using high quality products that help keep a hairdo in perfect shape for several hours.


We use hair extensions to give the adequate length to an updo. We also use bun hairpieces to give volume.

The Makeup

The make-up must be simple, and match your dress and the image you want to give.


In Palmarosa, we advice you on how to improve your beauty, and study the features that need to be highlighted so as to make the most of your facial look. 


We play with colors to match the bride’s skin tone and taste, using hairsprays with a high concentration of active ingredients that will protect the makeup all day long.


The makeup will stick in your mind, in the pictures taken during the event and in the memory of all the people that will share that moment with you.

Happy Beautiful Bride Laughing
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completely flawless

A bride faces the same scenarios that film makers and TV producers face - the need for a flawless finish that lasts and doesn’t move!

Airbase Make-Up provides this and much more. A long lasting make-up that requires no touch ups, meaning the bride and bridesmaids need not worry about their make-up degenerating throughout that special day.

You may ask ‘Why have film make-ups not been used before for occasions such as weddings?’ Before Airbase, they were all simply too heavy to wear and didn’t allow the skin to breathe. The advent of silicone-airbrushed make-up now enables a flawless finish and a light, weightless feel without compromise on durability.

Airbase Make-Up will enhance your natural beauty, guaranteed to give you that natural glow. Airbase Make-Up brides can't help but feel great on their wedding day.

The Bride´s Preparation Prices

Lifting Effect and

Long-lasting makeup -12$

This step consists of the application of a blister that generates a flash lifting effect, thus eliminating the marks of weariness from the face.


This anti-aging flash treatment brightens the skin, provides a few beneficial levels of hydration and produces a light, immediate tensile effect.


It is a very good base for the makeup, because it seals it and allows it to last the whole night.

Bride and Groom
Hair Extensions

They are used to provide the necessary length to an updo, to make your hair shiny and to give it more volume. The aim is to make your updo look brilliant at every moment.

Hair Extensions -80$

Bun Hairpieces

If you have thin and short hair, a pretty bun hairpiece will help make it more voluminous. 

Bridal Hair Stylist
Beautiful Hair Model

Keratin Treatment -45$/135$

It makes your hair beautiful, soft, brilliant and healthy. 

It regeneratess 70 % of your hair in the first session and 100 % of it after the third one. It is like a mantle of damp mist that enhances your hair´s shine!


Skin brightness and lifting effect in only one session!

This non-surgical, painless therapy brings about effective outcomes in a first session and with total comfort.

Tissue regeneration (new tissues)
Protein restructuring, and facial tensing effect Collagen increase
Elastin increase

Woman with Hand on Face
Long Lashes

Eyelash Extension


It is done for you to flaunt naturally long and voluminous eyelashes the day of your wedding. 

The extensions provide volume and thickness to the eyelashes without being too visible or looking artificial, as it happens with false eyelashes.

Exfoliation with Coconut & Honey - 32$

With their natural active principle to hydrate and a texture that helps to eliminate the impurities of the skin, the coconut and the honey give a sensation of cleanliness and softness. This treatment provides natural nutrition.

Woman with Hand on Face

Tropical Aromatic Relaxing Massage – $55

It is a complete massage, conducted in a smooth and very slow way according to a special protocol, for a deep relaxation. The aromatic oils act on the mind, emotions and moods. 

We will use the Tropical oil of your choice:

Monoi – Chocolate  – Pineapple – Mango– Tahitian Vanillia -Ylang Ylang – Eucaliptus  –  Orange –  Lavander –Jojoba


Combination of treatments with Tropical Flowers, body and mind totally travel through different scents and textures.


In expert pampering hands the skin will enjoy delicate and sensual special techniques, while the essential oils stimulate the senses.


Scrub & Massage…A smooth and hydrated skin, souvenir for years.

Woman with Hand on Face
Massage Oils

Manicure & Pedicure Oriental Spa -24$/28$

A trip through different scents and textures, from flowery water vapor therapy to an exfoliation with orange flower and a hydrating soil mask.


It includes a massage with the Oriental Night balm.

Acrylic or Gel Nails


You can choose between French manicure or nail polish to get perfect acrylic or gel nails.


The result is startling: you will flaunt enviable, shiny, and perfect nails the day of your wedding.

Manicured Nails
Red Nail Polish

Pro Color Gelish

Treatment -20$

It brings protection, strength and flexibility to nails giving them a shiny color that will endure every external change.


Its long-lasting effect will add to your nails a perfect shine for three weeks! And it will protect your natural nails.

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