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Relaxing Facial


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Oriental Spa

$88 – 55 min

We start with a relaxing argan oil back massage.

It is a very relaxing facial treatment that makes us travel to Eastern countries!


We will use hot towels and products from the Eastern Spa range: orange blossom exfoliation, floral water vaporization, massage with argan oil, Rassoul mask, and floral cream.

Beauty Flash
$48 – 30 min

We clean the skin gently and use a special product that helps the penetration of the active ingredients of the mask and cream. A Flash and tightening effect, which gives luminosity and hydration to the skin.

Smooth Shiny Skin
Relaxing Facial

Jessner  Plus

50 min - 60$

The same as the Facial Beauty Flash but we process a quick extraction of comedones

4 in 1
50 min - 70$

A detoxifying treatment for skin that breathes, feels firm, hydrated and luminous.

In a single treatment it includes:

Cleansing, Microdermabrasion, Ultrasound, Vitamin C and Mask.

Facial Treatment
Man Getting a Facial

European Deep Cleaning

$76 - 1h to 1h15

We clean the skin in depth, exfoliate and soften the skin safely, use steam to open the pores, and proceed to extract comedones. We include the high frequency that disinfects, reduces inflammation,  and closes the pores. We will apply a mask and cream suitable for your skin type. We will conclude with a light cranial massage.

Gold Luxury
$88 - 55 min

Tratamiento facial que regenera y reafirma la piel, hidrata y tiene efectos anti-oxidantes. El Micro Exfoliante lisa la piel, limpia en profundidad los poros y  elimina todas las células muertas. La mesoterapia virtual  permite la penetración inmediata de principios activos. Mientras la máscarilla y los serums actuan intensamente en las arrugas y bolsas bajo de los ojos, efecto inmediato de modelaje de la cara.

Todos los productos que usamos son intensos en vitaminas, se basan con polvo de Oro de la marca de Lujo Nua Gold:


Nuxe Sueño de miel, Micro Derma Scrub, Meso Vitaminas, Mascarilla, Alpha Glyco Serum, Avanced Serum Gold.

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Includes a facial, hands and cranial massage.

Face Massage

Deep Moisturizing

$58 - 55 min 

Penetration of a highly concentrated moisturizing and anti-wrinkle active ingredient using a non-invasive mesotherapy system, which will change the permeability of the skin and transfer the product to the deep dermis, thus ensuring intense hydration of your face that will act on wrinkles.

Application of an ultra-hydrating mask, light facial massage with argan oil, and we finish with the regenerating force 2 cream.

 Facial Spa de Chocolate
$48 - 30 min 

The virtues of chocolate on the skin are anti-oxidant and moisturizing.

This facial mask with purifying properties nourishes and cleanses the skin, it is a vitamin concentrate that allows cellular reconstruction.

Warning...Not edible ;)

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