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Medical Spa

Spa Medical Facial

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Non-invasive Medicinal Machines achieving spectacular results in rejuvenation, slimming and anti-cellulite treatments.


Tightening lift skin solution

Photogen System

Immediate, progressive and continuous long-term effects

Lifting & Anti-Wrinkle & Brightness

Facial 45 min – $100

Neck - Neckline   30 min – $50

A treatment comparable to that of a facelift without the need for

surgery - spectacular visible and long-lasting results,

painless, non-ablative and painless.

The Photogen system synergistically combines the most effective technologies (Radio Frequency, Phototherapy, non-invasive mesotherapy) with medical/cosmetic products formulated to improve the effects that achieve spectacular results from the first session.

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Spa Medical Body

Body Lipo-Sculpt $87 - 1h30

The Slimming treatment includes 4 Technologies to allow a loss of contour between 2 to 3 cm from the first session. 

Ultracavitation, endermology, Laser light and Radio Frequency

One eliminates fat, the other drains and the last firms.

Ultracavitation is the first technology that allows you to achieve the same results as liposuction, but without the use of a scalpel. 

Cavitation will completely destroy the fat cell and its membrane while other methods are limited to reducing the content of the fat cells.

Spa Medical Facial
Spa Medical Cuerpo

Anti Cellulite

$35 – 35 min

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  • It improves skin texture

  • Prevents the formation of spider varicose veins

  • Lymphatic drainage reduces size and cellulite

  • Combat sagging

  • Treatment of 10 to 15 sessions

Hair removal Definitive

ELITE system

Permanent hair removal


Acts on different Phototypes and Skin Color

  • Safe and Comfortable

  • Proven fast effectiveness

  • Stimulates Collagen

  • Fewer Sessions

Women in Natural Color Underwear
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Depilacion Definitiva
Relaxing Massage

The intelligent combination of the most innovative and effective technologies allows you to achieve quick and long-lasting results.

  • Different Technologies

  • Exclusive Formulations

  • Various Wavelengths

    They complement each other to obtain the best results by acting at different levels.


Photogen System

It generates a deep and selective heating at the dermal level, which produces the contraction and restructuring of collagen, causing an immediate tightening effect and an improvement in the quality of the tissues. It acts at a deep level (2-3 cm).
It is a very effective technique in the treatment of cellulite, localized fat and intense body firming.


Gracias a unos niveles de frecuencia específicos,  produce cambios en la permeabilidad de la membrana permitiendo la penetración de principios activos a nivel dérmico.



Deep subdermal tissue massage stimulates the skin to regain its proper shape, reduces and in some cases eliminates the dimpling effect of cellulite by: Softening fibrous tissues, Reducing endemic exchange, Increased circulation (revascularization). 

By targeting the cell, it stimulates functions that inhibit fat storage and triggers its release. It is the complete solution to the treatment of cellulite...resulting in firmer, more beautiful and smoother-looking skin. 


Focusing on the center of the cell, the infrared and magenta lights: Activate alpha and beta receptors in adipocytes (responsible for the storage and release of fat in the cell), Stimulate appropriate cellular functions, generate collagen growth that It is essential in repairing damaged tissue and replacing old tissues. They increase revascularization (blood circulation) They increase the activity of the lymphatic system 



Ultracavitation is one of the most effective treatments to improve the appearance of orange peel skin and combat superficial fat and localized fatty accumulations.

The physical phenomenon of cavitation in the interstitial fluid of adipose tissue is pursued. That is, the creation of water vapor bubbles that burst near the adipocytes, creating shock waves that impact their walls and burst them. 



Russian waves are widely used in toning and lifting the buttocks,  It produces an activation of local cellular metabolism, generating a reduction and modeling in the area to be treated, as well as helping us reduce cellulite and adipose tissue. At a circulatory level by favoring  the reabsorption and mobilization of retained fluids, which helps reduce edema.

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