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Spa experience


Each massage lasts 55 minutes, but you can double the time
Relaxing - Relax
$55 - 55 min
(110 min = $110)

Massage with slow and relaxing movements, we will use light pleasant pressure on the muscles.

Relaxing Massage
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Tropical Oil Massage

Nature Tropic Oil

$60 - 55 min (110 min = $120)

It is a full body massage, performed with a special protocol for deep relaxation.

We use a tropical oil of your choice (coconut - Monoï, chocolate - Mango - argan - orange - Mandarin - tournesol- coffee...)

Deep Muscle $65 - 55 min (85 min = $98)

Massage that relieves muscle tension

Our therapist performs a massage with pressure adapted to your muscular needs. He will relieve tension by working in depth on all the muscles of your sore body. We will focus on the back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet.

Back Massage
Spa Treatment Stones

Delux Relax Sensory Massage

$80 - 55 min  (110 min = 160$)

Discover a New World of Relaxation!

This aromatic oil massage will take you into a deep Sensory world of Relaxation. It includes new techniques of gentle stretching, light vibrations in the legs and arms, towels and hot stones release tension and balance your chakras.


The masseuse's hands slide over your body long and slowly with light pressure at a superficial level. It is combined with short, fast and deeper movements to relieve muscle tension. This massage uses polarities to find the balance of energy that connects your entire body and harmonizes it.

Palmarosa Experience $90 - 85 min

For relaxation and total well-being, a 1h25 massage during which each area of tension will be worked on according to the client's needs with soft and relaxing techniques, and sufficient pressure on the muscles. Deep relaxation that connects the body with the mind, and its emotions of the moment. You will disconnect from worries, stress and release anxiety. 

It ends with the feeling of floating…

Head Massage
Sports massage on leg


$60 - 55 min

This procedure will return to the blood capillaries accumulated in the tissues, achieving a kind of sweep of the venous circulation to the heart, leaving a feeling of "light legs". This technique is widely recognized in cellulite treatments, medicine aesthetics, circulatory disorders and varicose veins, also with edema of various origins.

Spa Salts and Stones

Spa Treatments

Tropical Day Spa $98 - 1h15

A true journey of sensations and Dominican Tropical Smells 

We are going to use natural products, allowing you to deeply cleanse your skin and eliminate all the dead cells from your body. 

Letting the active ingredients of the oil pass through during a gentle massage, which will relieve your tensions and free your mind.

This includes a coconut scrub and tropical mango oil

You can change the tropical oil and scrub to your liking:

Monoï - Chocolate - Mango - Coconut - Tangerine - coffee

Hot Stones

The result is soft, luminous and hydrated skin. You will feel relaxed and light.

Spa Tratamientos
Chocolate Day Spa
$135 - 1h30

Just chocolate and more chocolate!

Includes body exfoliation, wrap and CHOCOLATE massage;) 

This treatment has nutritional properties, is rich in magnesium, and gives energy. Provides cellular reconstruction and has a firming effect.

We will end up alleviating his great desire, filling his porridge with a few pieces of real Chocolate!

PALMAROSA Spa 07.jpg

Oriental Day Spa

$115 - 1h15

A real trip in the Eastern countries!

Includes essential oil, orange blossom exfoliation and an Argan massage, towels and hot stones.

An anti-oxidant and very relaxing care, leaving your skin soft and very hydrated thanks to the high presence of vitamins C and E in Argan Oil.

Gold Spa Experience $135 - 1h30

Includes a body exfoliation, wrap and massage of pure gold and natural plant extracts.

Excellent body treatment based on gold, argan oil, almond oil and aloe vera.


The gold particles act by regenerating and deeply hydrating the skin. The benefits of this precious metal for the skin are quickly visible, since it has an immediate tightening effect and boosts the skin's luminosity.

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